. peripeteia

that couple prepared the balloons

we watched them

swallowing sweet drones

panting remote controls 

looking cheap

asking yes mama

inhales and that’s plenty 

wait till the deflated signals disconnect

electric till a gutters clean

one fabled night 

last lips dirty friday 

the odd shaped vessel 

there and then in a canned motel

i was counting oysters

with some sales reps

squibles and calling parasites

these folks coming to pentecostals

are a distant noise .

wave on a table

microphoned speakers

ten of us share the bill

fucking sigh [ … ]

with my robot so soft 

by the way , she says

love the play no one

of the ever made afford

it moves so agile

a meal never came so soft with a fly

heady delights

we watch her take his hand 

feel me trembling 

as no man wished

he moved 

in a dark cave some are already dead 

for it doesn’t heed to do with projecting modalities

all about god almighty

fuck the country we will powerless

my meanwhile guess looks

whos got another working girl

dining . nothing like it to make the grounds for letting you 

who still has prisoners walking alongside qualities

if you have the histories

stop preaching

blood swinging breakfast

seems truthful

pretense packs a limb

strings it news that

the under belly sinks

i’ll have the

baseball caps

skin bridges  

private greens and synthesis 

tearing at the not so pretty shed 

no tangible progress . no

none of that

i really wish to wash the bosses car

'cept for the dirt on these roads 

everythings broken speech now goes

imagined so

much for tongued instructions

break for yum yum

is the balcony panting ?  

in-between the future

catch the cornea or my 

and mind no further than

the charming kid talks too much 

laugh at it miss

it is timing understanding 

hang up breathing 

mouths are trained to study

singing deep

swollen knees

in house emptiness to tip toes 

stretched out peaceful sirenes

balling out my robot




ever gently

then ending