. never for you

i miss your suggestion and

how to tell what is real and when

what is unreal and when

i do not know what to do with myself and when .

when i feel like chatting just with you 

when i really like tonight 

alot . and when 

when i feel like making love to you .

turn the music off

its just a suggestion 

. profitable

heaven blue sky

i watch you independence 

escape nothing and you know why 

evidence or display 

what was once illegal 

is now the only way 

. to keep

lightning harvest desires a tumult

tentative at piece everyone

dive theatre Ice queen magnetic obelisk choice

about the white mother 

snow suites erotic stretch came on 

right out mouth

honey mind tease the probe

swore deeper how kind 

sun star pleasure 

fossil ove Jump foci 

fiction horn twins

so now what do you think beyond me

eyes looking into eyes

naked century’s just dozen 

out intrigue and misses

vague houses shakespeare 

through a trying coin

anaesthetic repeat frozen 

dizzy thunderstorms through a child 

of god

roll repeat