. extum

by cult the world
dont look to me for love
such a state it feels too big
will i do no harm
come home scent
and then a happy birthday
i am afraid of falling for the wrong
boys tall glass and steel bunker reached
the petty law crime crave endings
who will write it in coward or god
cop or maybe the self an endless supply
of roses under the radar now that’s all in
need put the best of em there say very little
to those made of silence and the patience too
morse down is now tunneling out she was
coming down terrorist
tin bridge notice for the first time it’s colour
its alright is it all lights
and diagram cow eyes
certainly was an outbreak
all this stuff out of me
before it and functions try to recall
no-one else will ask why
virus for my number
looking at it evolutionary ass
a smile serves freshly juica juicing
and a large double there
trouble they are as expensive as 7
the magicom claims one fingers pointing
you see she taught catapult for
where does it muscles
the shards will find it
at a glance he seemed so hard at
practice for tea she barely
asks there is social contract
of a threshold or a doorway
prefer a slender feel
bone on my hips collections ?
agreement right we invade
she married for comfort
sacred flesh define it
that’s the silent revolution
cover this piece
my wedding ring
many say many make
later that week
by also fingering
something around this
nose or nipple
ugh the ugly afternoon is smoked
up old cut up ducth
chop it up italian
deep in someone elses twist
slick clicking
lean up tusks typo
all for the lonley
looking for a shadow
run red gloves
bad cartoon drawings
pretending to watch a movie
or are you trying to feel me up
is a gone recipe for virgins
lines, memory knowledge and wrinkles
I’ve got my errant spies
on you my dear anytime
out circles shake
escalation is aged talk
he gave a bad respons
endless else’s akin
lean twin thighs then
the sky floats by
just over warmth water
letting the hair down time
outs out timing
this lecture
tis about anti service
should be news
plans for spring
heathen dont rush it
see you around oh ooohs
that’s sticky
evidence taste it
where to land this blade
quick push
these are buttons
there’s more to tell
really not sure
why it chose me
was it the same by chance
we met or to empty heal
caged relative i’d kill for
the message a stolen sin
the mind observes it
i like when that weakness comes to pick me up
calling me delete
this preferences lies
then to transform who is
to tell what becomes
abel before saul after
all you see now i knew already
what you had to say
at the incomplete horizon
i lose count after the first taste
i realize that
she is at that most sensitive
part of the scale
I heard it
all loud and clear
yesterdays do not worries
twas not one of those disponsible friends that betray betray
born here or flew
floss fluorescent
rings true old bell
but that when you talk about tea cups
there’s something else display
thats when you go on bicycles
something else’s a tray
It’s been a while in the heat now
I’ve held off what seems like borrowed sleep
at the shapes the past ass
each time clowning
watch the sky pulled apart
deciding the job advice
running the fuck beyond
a million fragments
no matter the size
and eventually align
burning death and a wonderful scream
i think you know what you mean
for word skips a dream wet private garment
the confidence sequence
my vibration’s holding
on to slither quakes
suggest sir we wait till the end
too coarse and jangly this way
the parasite’s keeping it back
wet octopus
be my parasite
enter bewteen my skin
do you do it to pleasure as to pain
i wont give in
let me be your translation
i wont give in
red octopus
trapped in a circuit
heavy seas at heart
this fevers overtaken me
trap and shutters
tongues and entries . enetring and boundaries
what’s holding you back
every bird every contents or cavity
spoilt three dancers
as problem faces
dead octopus
i am counting
who shall I kill
sucking the blood on my cheeks
boxings nothing
maybe you were special after all

. peripeteia

. peripeteia

that couple prepared the balloons

we watched them

swallowing sweet drones

panting remote controls 

looking cheap

asking yes mama

inhales and that’s plenty 

wait till the deflated signals disconnect

electric till a gutters clean

one fabled night 

last lips dirty friday 

the odd shaped vessel 

there and then in a canned motel

i was counting oysters

with some sales reps

squibles and calling parasites

these folks coming to pentecostals

are a distant noise .

wave on a table

microphoned speakers

ten of us share the bill

fucking sigh [ … ]

with my robot so soft 

by the way , she says

love the play no one

of the ever made afford

it moves so agile

a meal never came so soft with a fly

heady delights

we watch her take his hand 

feel me trembling 

as no man wished

he moved 

in a dark cave some are already dead 

for it doesn’t heed to do with projecting modalities

all about god almighty

fuck the country we will powerless

my meanwhile guess looks

whos got another working girl

dining . nothing like it to make the grounds for letting you 

who still has prisoners walking alongside qualities

if you have the histories

stop preaching

blood swinging breakfast

seems truthful

pretense packs a limb

strings it news that

the under belly sinks

i’ll have the

baseball caps

skin bridges  

private greens and synthesis 

tearing at the not so pretty shed 

no tangible progress . no

none of that

i really wish to wash the bosses car

'cept for the dirt on these roads 

everythings broken speech now goes

imagined so

much for tongued instructions

break for yum yum

is the balcony panting ?  

in-between the future

catch the cornea or my 

and mind no further than

the charming kid talks too much 

laugh at it miss

it is timing understanding 

hang up breathing 

mouths are trained to study

singing deep

swollen knees

in house emptiness to tip toes 

stretched out peaceful sirenes

balling out my robot




ever gently

then ending

softly . never for you

i miss your suggestion and

how to tell what is real and when

what is unreal and when

i do not know what to do with myself and when .

when i feel like chatting just with you

when i really like tonight

alot . and when

when i feel like making love to you .

turn the music off

its just a suggestion

. profitable

heaven blue sky

i watch you independence

escape nothing and you know why

evidence or display

what was once illegal

is now the only way

. to keep

lightning harvest desires a tumult

tentative at piece everyone

dive theatre Ice queen magnetic obelisk choice

about the white mother

snow suites erotic stretch came on

right out mouth

honey mind tease the probe

swore deeper how kind

sun star pleasure

fossil ove Jump foci

fiction horn twins

so now what do you think beyond me

eyes looking into eyes

naked century’s just dozen

out intrigue and misses

vague houses shakespeare

through a trying coin

anaesthetic repeat frozen

dizzy thunderstorms through a child

of god

roll repeat

. living thirst

these walls for advice

dont look around a room so much

as of how invention thirsts anymore

crave prepares to windmill voices

stumblng fires at the heart pulsate

of fools the cage a wise whisper

you let in

the ache of a billionth star

a universe disco

at our very core

a heard for sharing . desperation

a second chance

to climb out these very walls

wailing when I am too small

. just in case

when the dam is your void

my favorite place

are you self help healing and made up

get up positive

a touched sole origin

but i know i am real

your cover , your warmth

is your ocean your stream

from loan shifting probable

a blog peel some layers love

what is so sweet

errant fuck collides alone the happiest cliche

but i came by the dam in your void

a dream of trains

to feel your stream emergent , receiving

unknown adressee or elses

for when who broke your heart

borrowed from what is someone

puppet to poison

chosen fashion

acting .

numbing out


i came by the dam in your void

. lately this cures

Not unlike twin who

was it i said running head

as healing knots just so you could

chant gritty om

a thinking spy plays strands

rock bottom dizzy

winnings battles fear

minerals and working birds

everyone needs more than

mother doubles and pillow how

birth dances before no laughing matter

upon a shifting glass coin

eyes ever apex upon

sitting screw fix thesis

i just want to kiss you now.

losses are worlds of number

promises ooze from some noisy hope

and i shall call return

its been pouring lately

holding tongue source finger

by afternoon by clock

missing moment for now

she tilts distance till its tortured

texture is not but the ashes

want aware by your taste

about wealth about traffic

then furthest hour crosses alcmene

a loner in any town

feathers regret the move

camping will own where we eft off

controling an aged speak

attraction compose enemy

about . spring

what i heard was never green

the devil veins around a big town

knowing what to do when

her slender arms .

made up time has got your back

with chaste excuses squashed out

lay flat .

nuns turn wood for halo

lose bellies sugar deep calling vows

the outcast and the lollipop

that deep in the darkest night

mining snow shaped sucks

calming now but wrestling butterflies

matching straws shared pink .

for where are you going

losing control bubbles up beyond the surface

will it be so

tomorrows liquid traps dance

the danced wet watches does this

conversation feigning semblance

tickling some ohs and knowsfloral wants

stuble inside pleasure is

recycling meanwhile the moon beauty is calm

because back that when the monsters leaves

and i am feelings physical , weak , sad

and tired to do it , anything .

nothing about spring .

ftgs .

there went the afternoon

waking up and walking

down the avenue stops

should ever grey

allowed precipitate

shriek padding friends

experimental ladies in polaroids sexting

the gasping ever lasting heat

assistance can suss the manouvres

a butcher and the view solution

with forgotten hearts open

look ! its deadline

complete barely hands mutual

but to say basin to clutch  deja-vu

has passed by

the old boy most times


' there are these wories i mutter with a frown ' .

changing underwear

flossing who sold to whome

the help is too short

email or corporate

plugging perfect

shock tease for the drive

to construct it . value

then on to interruption

i left the teeth by the ringer

keys by the cells

and soap and gloves and one voice pitched heaven on high

as the investigation gathers

there are predictions at stops

by many other schemes and illegal pills  

these locked meds

shutter opposite of other side or ratio

sweaty econnomies tape measure

what else is there i’m in awe

invasion coroners

to order say i do

or radiate i do

clip clop speedy itch

fanatic differences

many materials

smallest oceans

now spirit patterns have texture ?

really sound for hallucinogenic

LED tv and filthy covers

dirt quits wonts dumps buldge

my chosen pills begin breath

across lined truth is the bastard

thinks it knows .


chaste as the distant stars

set as arguments  

how do i end its thinkings

its satellite , its strategy

fiend or wet blanket

an interesting concept of time

but what is truth

before touch

equal individuals and sharing

velvet quantities

as good as .

this kettle’s un-used qualities  

bleach the communal

skin the blue

evict oh the fantasy

and a happy hour for emergencies

nurture and many many more unsettling

questions for neurosis

you never stop

swore tongue storm

strip all night chapters

a welcome finger

and lick

the return


of wildlife versus .

to this what

a forgotten mirror

who’s dreams resolutions

soured bitter

my wife and i

escaping the afternoon

made satisfaction

crafts composting

how it

worked till the evening so

will it white carriage

null set measuring  

pink changes equilibrium

runner preceding part

gathering parting juncture

whistling hairs

silk veil spools

reset switch

till we reached

our dust garden

. the reset switch

bleeding trees

of wldlife versus unfinished

dresses a choice of contracts

. clog in my breath beads

bare feet

and hoax programming without conviction

for all the writings

bottle greater times ahead

failing constance

giving head

. so many words begged  

my descriptions form whole

i slip through

escape completes diary

and lost times a pool


. dusting the nicknamed

slightly coined each time our paths crossed

out the no go ends mistaken

from monster to cinema

to this the beginning

what a forgotten mirror

. dreams   

softly . mira

lays the lonely deck

tea little breeze

hollow half of is ideas

garden chests

transforming cords

the repeating horns

wet slides velvet

key then let in silly rectangle

and heat card

nowhere to dig

you are always welcome

a community leads

in my church of treasurer

there gambling is a hidden stitch

turns to yes and you need feel it

and nothing ever was

itches and teeth anyways

for sweets distractions

and a probable finish

cherished wise marks

virgin trails . arms and pits

jeweled rings

there is less room for faith

raised skirts mean

not one good will come of this

don’t ask

i’ll teach you questions

the one sided revolution

diving for starts

dreamed flirty mountains

let each one date hello

ignored locks

won’t hold  

you book it all confession

book it all dance

practice by tasks possessed

language lunatics set in sun

hold the dip

will or whole

birds migrate

set the joke

without waneing takes

late rocket ships drop dead

personality squats liquids

it comes in lifts

rely on grayscale graffiti  



a different booty

every plants a sect



naked . moth of may

on umbrella

up at the gates of monday

hurts every thought  

queue the complete

cricket these days


cold spit

hips align

scents and uninvited guests

the weather and

bring back earth

ones entitled brow

bide a time pose

leaning duels in [prayer]

hold a smile

i was done here .

we are all sweaty now

out of character

my night slippers

rage in booming jets

licks flung

rights scrawl

that very wreckage

be nervous oracle

wait for pilot

take taylor

taxi some

list .

symbols are like wet wonders …

iris .



. even

and so was accident

busy repeats and

concrete after all equations

i am waiting .

there was a time when  

pools serendipity

boots called squeezing

maid of mud

been er’ much before

dosh dat dot 4 . if

talking thinks

a broken palms

grove on top

whilst suppose the

shifting wildest smiles

maiden minutes

quinine and laced ice . man un-man

that perfume potions listing

neighbors made conceiving so

got two more moans to go

what science is lust for

old life

one man punctures

by fifths a radian

calender .



piss cases . urgent

how to put spell

skype will suffice

what do you mean

watching expressions storm

disfigured by trace

discovery feels good

the now being

watching , copying

sculpting by tongue

whiching and numbers

are vowels recall  

is it miss , or is it ms

trusting in void

i learn the quantity secret

be that then as it may

palpitating remarkable

and using miracle

clacking . waxing . pointing . having

tried and tiring

there is more 

. about


have you never been

so close to a sea lion

dancing dragon fly

all across the dusty horizon

will you change your mind

i should go

. pool

above the left eve of

taken from eye

cause to wake


lose it brow

smoking a cone

inhaling a fire

full of flies