about . spring

what green veins

her slender arms .

made time when ours

with chaste excuses 

nuns turn wood for halo

that deep in the darkest night

miming snow sucking

straws sharing pink

losing control sinking

being so tomorrow 

watched liquid traps dance

the danced wet conversation

feigning semblance tickling stuble

ohs don’ts and

floral wants .

pleasure is recycling 

moon beauty calm

because back that when

the monsters

leave and i am physically

weak sad and tired 

to do anything . spring 

ftgs .

waking up and then down

the avenue stops

allowed participate in padding

pictures friends when

ladies experiment

sussing manouvre is tangible

lasting heat

assistance and gasping

sexting and the view ask if wants 

but i forgot d . real fear 

completely hearts open with 

there went i the afternoon

but most times

to say basin pass by old boy

look ! its deadline 

there are these wories i mutter with a frown

hand held lover

mutual deja-vu 

changing underwear

flossing who sold who 

cable’s home plugging 

helps too short 

email or corporate

tease the drive to

construct it 

. value

opposite of other

side or ratio 

what else is

sweaty econnomies

green corners necessities

sir fill in here

new strategies invitation

invasions . but

what else could it be

if say i say so myself

lay these many materials

then on to interruption 

i leave teeth by ringer

keys by cells 

soap and gloves . one stop pitched high 

as the investigation gathers

there are predictions

many other schemes and illegal pills  

these lock self medication

to order say i do

or … i do 

grant access

to your room 

clip clop the speedy orders 

indigestion the itch the itch 

fanatic differences stitch es 

the smallest of oceans

analogy collections 

my my 

as my local sensors atmospheric control 

now spirit patterns

gather this texture

hallucination . the corner of cavern 

manipulation is just that . really sound 

really sound i say 

what led tv 

dirty covers radiate

green and

turns to blue and 

quit wont budge

i can’t breath

chosen bills

across lined truth

. yes the bastard thinks it knows . 

of what greater than that is

incomplete .

stars as chaste

set arguments are in the 

how do i end it thinkings 

satellite for strategy 

fiend or wet blanket 

she had an interesting concept of time

foo seer , friends a knowledge

we all knew before

of mean of touch

equal individuals and sharing 

such are velvet quantities

blanket as good as .

this kettle’s un-used qualities  

bleach communal 

sink blue

evictions oh the fantasy

and a nappy hour for

emergence bulbs cut it at random

why nurture what captures 

and many more questions and …

you never once . stop . at - once 

there have been

no materials for days

off sir 

swore tongue

now hoarse storm

slow downs cups

strip all night chapters

a welcome finger

and lick

the return